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Free Online Theological Education for MBA Pastors and Church Members

theologial education Oct 06, 2021

Some of our MBA pastors have requested access to high quality Theological Education. I've inquired with New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary regarding their certificate program, and they've informed me that they are not yet ready to start offering this again in person.

I want to let you know about another option that is available to MBA churches. We are partnering with Thirdmill Institute for theological training. Some of our SBC seminaries use Thirdmill's curriculum in their undergraduate classes.  We offer this to you at no cost with the following disclaimer: MBA has not reviewed nor can endorse all of the content produced by Thirdmill.  Therefore, as with any educational content, anyone enrolling in this program must test everything with scripture and use Godly wisdom and discernment to determine for themselves the value of any and all material presented. 

With that being said, I think that you will be pleased with the quality of the offerings. To access Thirdmill Institute, go to

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